In order to protect your account on the exchange, we advise that you follow our recommendations. 


  1. Use a new separate, dedicated email when you register on the exchange, which is not your usual email address that is used for regular activities and registrations on other websites, etc.  



- set up a new separate email on a reliable secure service - such as,

- definitely make sure that you use a unique complex password.

-Turn on two-step verification for this email using Google Authenticator (either Android | iOS) or Authy.

2. When registering on the exchange, use a unique complex password - not less than ten characters, containing both upper and lower case letters, numbers and other symbols.


Under no circumstances should you use the same password for different service providers! This will greatly increase any likelihood of your account being hacked, particularly if your ‘standard’ password is used together with your standard email - hackers will always initially check all financial services, including cryptocurrency exchanges for the presence of accounts with a known email address and passwords leaked from other sources.


3. You should always turn on two-step verification (2FA) for your account on the exchange. 

Read here how to do this.


Turning on 2FA practically guarantees 100% security for your account, therefore we strongly recommend turning this on for any services where funds are held, and additionally for any email accounts that you use. 


If your email account is not protected with two-step verification, a hacker can gain access, contact technical support services and try and turn off 2FA, in addition to changing the password and withdrawing funds. 


Turning on 2FA will help you even in the instance of a hacker or virus stealing your password from the exchange or email - when 2FA is enabled, knowledge of the username and password is not enough to login to the service and to carry out any transactions with the account. 


Protection of your email is just as important as protecting your account on the exchange !


Follow these recommendations and your account will be secure.


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