In most instances, there are 3 reasons why a deposit can be rejected.

  • The card is not Hryvnia or is not legally registered/PUF ;

  • The card does not support 3D-Secure;

  • The limit has been exceeded for p2p-transfers


First make sure that your card supports 3D Secure.

You must go to the payment confirmation page, and you will receive a confirmation of transfer, either by SMS or to your mobile banking app.

It is also worth checking the online-limit that has been set on the card.


If you have previously successfully deposited funds using this card, then most likely, you have reached the limits of the MPS VISA / Mastercard for p2p-transfers.


In both instances, the correct solution would be to use an alternative card, for example, a virtual card.

If you have Приват24 (Privat24) we recommend creating a virtual Mastercard Webcard and making a deposit from this card.