p2p payments are used on cards for UAH deposits and withdrawals (simple transfers between physical cards)

Single user UAH deposits are frozen until it is used for a withdrawal to another user. 

The schematic representation of this operation looks like:

The international payment systems Visa and Mastercard together with NBU (National Bank of Ukraine) limit the use of p2p payments.

Limits correspond to the financial monitoring of Ukraine and the rules of MPS VISA/Mastercard. Specifically: `

Per day - up to 150,000 UAH, maximum of 10 transactions.

Per month - up to 250,000 UAH, maximum of 100 transactions.

Limits on deposits and withdrawals with the card are calculated and fixed by the cards issuing bank. 

When limits are reached, the banks usually block the option to receive or send funds with the card. In any private account on the exchange, this block is indicated with rejected deposit or withdrawal transactions. 

The solution to the problem of limits is to use another card. One option for this is a virtual card.