Attention! By passing API-key to third parties (via applications, widgets, sites, telegram-bots, etc.), you are delegating partial account management according to API-key permissions (read, trade or/and withdraw). It's your personal responsibility to provide safety of your Public and Private keys. In case of compromising the keys, we recommend to delete them immediately.

API-keys let you create automatic requests via public API. For example, passing such information to application or bot will let it to manage your account via API-interface. Documentation is available here:

1. Choose API in account menu

2. Click "Create a new token":3. Name it, pick permissions (by defaults it's ready-only), type in 2FA code (if enabled) and press "Confirm":

4. Save your Private key, since you are able to see it only right away after creating a token:

5. In API section you can manage your API keys:

6. Press 'Edit' to change a label or to manage IP whitelist:

If you have any further question about creating API-keys, let us know at [email protected], we will be happy to help you.