A deposit of some cryptocurrencies (XRP, XLM, EOS, XEM, GOL, GBG, KRB) to the exchange requires providing a payment note in addition to an address.

This is connected with the features of the cryptocurrency blockchain being used.

For the abovementioned cryptocurrencies, most exchanges use the single deposit address for all users, and in this case registration is done using a payment note. This can be compared with a plane ticket, where the flight is the same for all passengers, and the seats in the cabin are different.

A payment note for different cryptocurrencies may be called differently: destination tag, memo, message, etc. Use the type of note that is specified on the deposit page of the cryptoasset.

A transaction sent without a note is automatically not credited. The service of depositing a transaction without a note is a paid and time-consuming task. For its registration, a proof that it was You who sent the transaction is required as well as the time of the authorized personnel. Please be attentive while working with cryptocurrency assets requiring the providing of a note.