If you sent wrong coins to your Kuna coin address:

Normally, Kuna doesn’t offer service to rescue wrong coins.

If user suffered severe losses, Kuna may, solely at our discretion, decide to help you to recover your coins under cost control. It is known that the comprehensive work and effort may bring unmeasurable huge cost, time and risk.

If you wish to request Kuna to recover your coins, please provide: your kuna account email, coin name, address, amount, txid(Critical), transaction screenshot. Kuna team will decide whether or not rescure wrong coins.

If it's possible to recover your coins, we may need to install or upgrade the wallet software, export/import private keys etc. These operations can only be conducted by authorized staff under meticulous security audit. Please be patient as It might take over a couple of months to rescue wrong coins.

Fee will be 10%, but not less than 100$.