Based on the statistics of the usage of payment cards on the KUNA exchange, we prepared recommendations: the cards of some banks obviously have fewer problems when withdrawing and depositing funds, the cards of other banks - more. We do not want to say that the banks themselves or their services are worse or better than each other, we are only talking about card payment statistics specifically on our exchange.

Note that limits on input and output exist because our payments are processed as a transfer from card to card - both when depositing and withdrawing funds. For the same reason, the bank will charge you an additional fee for the use of credit funds if you replenish your account with them on the exchange.

The limits comply with the financial monitoring of Ukraine and the rules of the IPS VISA / MC.


  • Up to 150 000 UAH per day, up to 10 operations inclusive
  • Up to 250 000 UAH per day, up to 100 operations

Your card must support 3D Secure technology (sometimes in tariffs it runs as an SMS confirmation of payments: specify when you make out a card).

Cards of banks of Ukraine, which have the least problems:

  • Monobank
  • Tascombank
  • PrivatBank ( set a 0.5% commission for transfers to cards of other banks, at least 5 UAH, since December 1, 2017 *)
  • Raiffeisen Bank Aval
  • OTP (you need to additionally set sms-notification for 3D Secure)

You can use it, but there may be problems with deposits on the card and the operation of 3D Secure:

  • Ukrsibbank
  • Oschadbank
  • Ukrsotsbank
  • Crystalbank

Not recommended for use:

  • Pravex Bank
  • Kredobank
  • PUMB
  • Alfa Bank

Definitely will not work :

  • Credit Dnepr Bank
  • Idea Bank

In case of changes in the work of bank cards, we will update the information in this article.

* If you are not confused with Privatbank's additional fee, in case of problems or the exhaustion of the limit on the main card, we can recommend you create a virtual MasterCard in Privat24 (it is free) and deposit funds from it. This solution works great for withdrawing funds as well.