Step 1. To withdraw funds you need to be registered on

Step 2. On withdraw funds with the help of GEO-Pay. To do this you need to go to Assets - UAH - Withdrawals (, and specify the amount that you want to withdraw along with your GEO-Pay system user ID (located in your account) and click on the “transfer” button.

Step 3. If you want to exchange your GEO GRN for Приват24 (Private24) UAH or to cash, log into your GEO Pay account. Then click on the “withdrawal” button which is located on the left and choose a Teller from the list. Next click the button on the right labelled “Withdrawal”. You will be taken to the Tellers page, where contact information and the amount available for withdrawal will be shown. A withdrawal is possible by using cash at the meeting and also a cashless transfer, which you can confirm with the Teller.

Important! All Tellers in the system, who are marked as verified by the system, pass through private identification. Don’t take “Payment over potential expenses”. It does not provide any guarantee that you will be able to use your balance. 


Step 4.  If you want to withdraw your GEO GRN to a card, log-in to your GEO Pay account. In the menu on the left click on the button “Withdrawal” - “To card” and follow the instructions.