Replenishing UAH


For replenishing you will need to go to your private account and to the “Assets” menu:

First you need to add your card details.

To do this, click on “manage cards”

You can give the card a name of your choice. For example, “universal”.


Next you need to select a card from the list and fill in the field “amount to deposit”


There is a list of requirements which are needed to make for a successful deposit:

1) The card must be opened in a Ukrainian bank

2) The card must be registered to a resident of Ukraine

3) The currency of the card must be Hryvnia (UAH)

4) The card must support 3D Secure

5) The card must have sufficient limits set-up for online payments

6) There is a limit on the amount of each payment - not more that 14,500 Hryvnia each time.

This means that if, for example, you need to deposit 20,000 Hryvnia, you will need to make two payments for 14,500 UAH and 5,500 UAH.

7) Commission on Hryvnia deposits is 1.5% + 5 UAH.

On 1st December 2017 ПриватБанк (Privatbank) introduced a 0.5% commission charge for transfers to cards from other banks (minimum charge 5 UAH)

After selecting “Add deposit to balance”, a new page will open where you must input the SecureCode that you will receive as an SMS (3D Secure)

If the window does not open, or you see an error message, check that all of the information is correct for the card being used for the deposit. Confirm with your banks support services that the 3D secure function has been activated on your card. Also check the payment limits for online transactions. 


After inputting the code received as an SMS, the funds will be credited almost immediately to the account on the exchange.